​Brandon S. Johnson

      Many of the things my mother and I did when I was a kid, are now the very things that give me joy today, as an adult.

With this book, I wanted to create a story inspired by our relationship that is set in a few of the amazing places I’ve been to in this world. 

      5 years before I wrote this book, I lost my son. He was born asleep on the wind and now lives on, in the pages of this book.

                   His name is August​.

      My mother’s life was far from easy. She suffered from addiction, lupus and cancer, yet through it all she never showed me anything less than unconditional love. She was funny, smart, beautiful, extremely supportive and was by far, my best friend growing up.

Author      Photographer      Traveler       Entrepreneur       Dreamer 

August & the Wind

Written by Brandon S. Johnson    ~     Illustrated by Qasima Wideman

     I was 19 when I lost her to cancer. I had talked to her a few days before from my college dorm room at Fisk University FU!, I needed 20 bucks. And she actually sent it to me! What she didn’t tell me on that phone call was that she was currently in the hospital. She wouldn't let my family tell me either. Why? Because it was finals week for me and she didn’t want me to lose focus, I would later find out. That was her. 
Being away, I never got to say good bye. This book is my homage to her. I turned out alright mom.
     I was blessed enough to share the idea of this story with my grandmother, one of the three women I credit with raising me.

She was tickled to find out she would be featured in the book. Unfortunately she too passed away before its completion. I've had a lot of losses, but God has blessed me beyond measure.

      My hope with this book is to encourage young children who may have lost a parent, grandparent or loved one and remind them that even when they feel small or lost, that person is still with them, in their memories, in their dreams and even in the wind.